GLOG Setting/Campaign Format: Draakdeure

I like GLOG. It's simple, malleable, and has wacky classes. Vayra outlined its general principles in this very good post. I also don't play a lot of GLOG. In fact, I wrote two GLOG classes without participating in a single session of GLOG. The only publically available GLOG campaigns seem to be run by people living in american timezones, which wouldn't be a problem if their gaming time didn't happen at my European 3am. I shared my thoughts with other gretchlings in GMT-adjacent timezones and together we came up with a framework that would hopefully let us finally get some GLOG in our lives - Draakdeure.We wanted to make something that would allow multiple GMs to run weird and disconnected one-shots while retaining the same stable of PCs. Draakdeure fits the bill. It's a gargantuan city inhabited by most/all species imaginable (no one checked) sustained chiefly with treasure reclaimed from dungeons and similarly profitable places, accessed through the use of the ti…

Snakes Are A Plane + Guy Made of Snakes GLOG Class

Guide to the Snakesource
 People, reputable people, "scholars" will tell you snakes, like all other reptiles come from eggs. They are correct in that and that knowledge should satisfy them, but the arrogant fools claim to know what happens in eggs. They claim snake embryos develop there from microscopic size, until they're ready to leave the eggs. This is, of course, patently untrue. Snakes come from the Snakesource (also known as the Ophidium, Skid Row, or the Warm, depending on who you ask, and if they're composed primarily of snakes). The Snakesource are a partial reality full of, and made of, snakes. Snake eggs (only snake eggs, other eggs are all completely mundane) are miniature portals snakes in our reality create to invite more of their brethren into our full reality. The only way to get in is to be really, really into snakes, or to be snakes. Snakes get back  by shedding their earthflesh.
The LandIt's snakes, all of it. No exceptions. The earth and stone …

Tunnels of Mist

Not every part-reality has a place physically. The Tunnels do. They're under. Under the earth, under the sea, under the mythic underworld. So far down the reality dissolves. Chunks of it are lost. Stone forgets it is stone, forgets its own texture and hardness. The Tunnels aren't filled with mist. They're made of mist, carved in it. Soft and light grey. Featureless, comforting. They welcome you and, if you let them, they'll aid you in your dissolution. The Tunnels can be glimpsed upon almost, but not quite, achieving ego death, or by cutting all your ties to the world and gently letting yourself fall through the cracks in reality (If your method is too violent, you'll fall into the Abyss instead, which is something barely anyone wants under most circumstances). Perhaps you could just dig long enough, but it is more likely your pick would forget its purpose and refuse to chip away at the stone before you got there.
The LandOr whatever you wish to call "the part…

A Brief Guide to the Glass Fields

The Glass Fields are a half-reality, one of the many (infinite) reflections of the Meadows. They can be accessed accidentally by those who daydream in the right state of mind at the right location, or purposely by those who perform the correct simple, but hard to guess ritual not detailed here.
Like many half-realities they are a variation on the ancestral memories of mankind. A great plain, stretching, covered in shoulder-tall glass, with the occasional tree rising above the surrounding shrubbery, with big, dangerous animals roaming, and smaller, also dangerous animals slithering through the glass. Except, of course, the grass is all sharp needles of glass, jutting from the soil, the trees great irregular pillars of smooth glass (there's a lot of glass around), the roaming animals eight-legged horses the size of cathedrals, and the slithering animals long, many-limbed stoats.The spirit is, however, still there, and upon seeing them the first time the feeling experienced tends to b…

GLOG Class: Human (race-as-class)

If you look around there are race-as-class templates for just about every fantasy race you can imagine, except for the most populous one, humans. I have come forth to fix this misunderstanding, once and for all. 
 You're a human, a kind of mostly-hairless bipedal ape native to the savannah. Your people are hunters-gatherers running after animals until they collapse of exhaustion, climbing trees for fruit and honey, digging up roots and tubers, and in general making great use of their aptitude for tool-use and well-adapted physiology.
HD: d6A: Arm Structure, Bipedalism
B: Sweat Glands, Adaptable Metabolism
C: Pack-bonding, Mental Cartography
D: Aposematic DisplayArm Structure - Your shoulder joint is adapted to allow you to throw things more accurately and forcefully, granting you +2 to-hit when using javelins, throwing spears, atlatls, or just pelting things with rocks. Additionally, your unusually mobile wrist lets you grant additional momentum to swung clubs, axes, maces and the li…